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100% increase in aggressiveness

High performance workpiece temperature reduced by up to 30%

abrasiveness increased by up to 40%

80% less dust

Noise and vibration reduced by 50%

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Angle grinders have become a key part of the joinery repair job. Like most things in life, window repairs are driven by costs and timescales and when you are dealing with a large number of frames that is where you need a high speed power tool.

   Paint has to be taken off to bring the wood back to its original state, decayed wood cut out and replaced with a two part epoxy resin and sanded

  The pre-painting process to achieve  a high standard, resin application apart, is down to your finishing tool …the faster it spins, the lower the vibration and the smoother the surface you get. Which is why the sanding tool is everything – and why both electric grinders, the Pferd  UWER 5/200 SI and Suhner UWC 20R are a great choice.

  And because we buy these products in large volume we always ensure that we can supply them at the fairest price.

The perfect tool for the perfect window frame repair

Suhner Grinders and Abrasives

SUHNER tools are commonly used in various industries from automotive and aerospace to marine and pharmaceutical – and in workshops too typically for finishing high quality architectural metalwork, such as balconies and balustrades.

Find out how SUHNER and Grinding Solutions knowledge and experience can improve your bottom line. Use the navigation tools above to search our product lines and discover how SUHNER solutions can meet your application needs.

Suhner Grinders and Abrasives

The UWC 7 is a true single-hand angle grinder which makes it a must in very tool box. Digital electronics ensures constant working speed. A safety-first feature is the under voltage protection, which means it is impossible to activate the grinder following a voltage interruption, even with the machine in the ‘on’ position. Ergonomically perfected, light and handy, but rugged. Lock-button for fast wheel change. Suitable to mount belt sander. 12 months warranty excluding normal wear and tear Suhner Grinders and Abrasives

Suhner Grinders and Abrasives

SUHNER Electric power tools guarantee high power output, safety and reliability. High performance at an excellent power to weight ratio. Grinding Disc. Specially designed grinders/polishers for trade and industry. Lock button for fast wheel changes. Ergonomically designed, quiet running. Low rpm polishers available with central water feed for dry and wet grinding/polishing. Straight Grinders. Electric Polisher SUHNER high performance straight grinders and Angle Grinder cover all applications, high speed and low speed. Ideal handling due to the long neck spindle housing. Grinder The electronic variable speed control allows use of abrasives and burrs at optimum efficiency. The most versatile and unique range of grinders/polishers for all materials. Abrasives Light weight tools with excellent power to weight ratio. Suhner Grinders and Abrasives Also suitable to work in hard-to-reach areas. Wide speed range. Window Care Systems Constant speed. High stock removal rate. All models with rugged frame for portable or suspended use. Low noise levels. Reduced in-hand weight vs. hand tools. Quick change hand pieces. Flexible Shaft Tool

Suhner Grinders and Abrasives

POLIFAN-CURVE is an innovation for work on fillet welds. Its unique radial PFR shape, based on a special flap arrangement, offers compelling advantages in the laborious and demanding task of finishing fillet welds.

DUODISC combination abrasive wheel for both cutting and deburring

Increase your profitability by 40% with
Thanks to the combination of significantly increased abrasiveness during the grinding process and the longer tool life, CC-GRIND SOLID improves profitability by around 40% compared with a conventional reinforced grinding disc.
££££....SAVE UP TO 25% off the Manufacturer's R.R.Ps
   Often the highly specialised nature of our customers processes means that our experience is key to providing reliable products that achieve the safety, performance and quality of finish they need.
  Our innovative and vast programme of abrasives covers all possible requirements. If you would like a DEMONSTRATION, visit our video page to see the products in action.
Whether it’s abrasive belts or abrasive discs …any shape, any size … we can help.
From coated abrasives and burrs to grinding and cut-off wheels and polishing tools, we offer not just a full range of excellent products from leading manufacturer Pferd but expert product knowledge and customer solutions.
  We serve all industry sectors and every size of business, supplying trusted and reliable brands such as Pferd and Suhner electric grinders, air tools and flexible shaft machines
Sometimes a telephone call is all it takes for our customers to get the answers they need. Our business partners are abrasive experts and specialists in grinding and finishing
● Flap discs for fillet welds
● Fibre Discs
● Short Abrasive Belts
● Long Abrasive Belts
● Cut off Wheels (Die Grinders)

With cut INOX, PFERD has now developed innovative burrs for working stainless steel(INOX). Cut INOX stands out thanks to its extremely high stock removal performance on all austenitic, rust and acid-resistant steels

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